Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial planning will help you answer one of life’s fundamental questions:

“Will I run out of money?”

It is a key question and often very hard to resolve – bespoke personal financial planning / lifetime cash flow forecasting provides an answer.

Our financial planning software produces a lifetime, inflation-adjusted cash flow forecast which graphically demonstrates income, expenditure and where appropriate capital depletion or appreciation over a lifetime. Once understood our plans can clearly show the financial consequences of various plans.

A simple financial planning example might be:

Your objectives

  • Age 50, planning to retire at age 65:
  • Target retirement income $3,000 per month
  • Target capital lump sum at retirement $100,000

Our team strive to provide answers to your financial planning questions and will build models for you to suit your long term requirements for future planning.

Our client base is extensive and deals with people at all levels of plans for retirement, one of the key parts of this is working with your advisor here at Alpes Trading Limited to ensure he has the correct information enabling him to make the plan you need for your future.

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