Alpes Trading Limited

Alpes Trading Limited was established with the clear vision to provide clients with a superior level of service. Every client will have a unique set of requirements and we will tailor our advice to guide you and your family through each stage of the financial lifecycle.

We believe that each client’s needs are truly unique. Our goal is to offer you the relevant, customised wealth advice you deserve – and we can do that only by fully understanding you. That’s why we take a unique approach to understanding you, your family and your values. Whether your needs are straightforward or complex, we’re dedicated to delivering tailored, comprehensive, wealth management strategies that are rooted in your goals. We will stay in tune with your needs and help ensure you’re on track to achieve the future you envision for yourself.

Our Firm

Here at Alpes Trading Limited, we are a team of international private wealth managers and experienced financial advisers working to build, preserve and protect your wealth by maintaining a thorough understanding of your financial needs and aspirations.

The sole purpose of Alpes Trading Limited is to provide investment management services to private clients and professional clients. This purpose has remained true since the firm was established in 2011.

We are privileged to manage the wealth of clients across Europe and around the globe from offices in central London.

We provide investment management services to individual private clients, families, trusts and charities with portfolio sizes ranging from as little as $10,000 all the way up to $20m.


We believe all businesses, particularly those whose main assets are its people, have a specific and identifiable character. The following elements form the backbone of our business:

  • Owner managed: We turn up to business every day with the passion and attention to detail that only entrepreneurs have. The buck stops with us.
  • Longevity: The history of our core team within the firm is key. It has created an enduring long term investment strategy and built strong lasting client relationships.
  • Heritage: The experience of key members of the firm ensures that the investment strategy does not deviate and client service levels are maintained.
  • Focus: We only do one thing: the management of client wealth. We don’t need to compete against other departments or group companies for budget or management focus.
  • Bureaucracy: So many potentially good decisions are ruined by the time taken to implement them. We strive for minimal bureaucracy.
  • Fees: Our primary revenue stream, the annual management fee, fluctuates according to the value of the portfolio on which it is based. Our interests are therefore aligned with creating strong, sustainable, long term performance.


With a vast wealth of experience, advisers at Alpes Trading Limited operate with international capability, offering continuity of service through our multi-jurisdictional associate arrangements.

Our exceptional experience and knowledge allow us to independently advise on the whole of market, giving you access to the best products the industry has to offer.

We believe that exceptional private wealth management should be provided through personal, face-to-face advice, whereby we can create financial plans that adapt to your changing needs and circumstances.

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